Things to consider when choosing a dog house

What should you look for in a dog house manufacturer?

Dr. Doghouse can answer any questions you can think of concerning a dog or cat house. Dr. D’s only function in life is trying to assist and make sense of the questions concerning dog and cat house sizing, options, and house configuration variables that differ by geographical regions.

1. Honesty – Reliability

Dog house manufacturers come and go. Blythe Wood Works has been designing and building dog and cat houses since 1990. After nearly 20 years, our customer’s main comment is that we are reachable and responsive. During non-business hours, seven days a week, we are accessible – 1-800-928-9951. Whether it is needed information before the sale, a question on assembly, or a problem six years after the sale, we are here and will be for the next twenty years. The owners and the employees are Christians with a good grasp on ethics and responsibility. When you look through our website, you don’t just see a dog house by itself, you see a dog. Because we don’t just design and build pet houses, we are all dog and cat owners. Frankly, during the work hours, there are sometimes more dogs running around than employees!!!

2. Quality—Price—Value

When we first started in 1990, Blythe Wood Works was the only dog and cat house manufacturer selling American made wood pet houses on the internet. Now there are so many different manufacturers and internet stores in the pet house business it boggles the mind. As the old cliche goes, “the only thing constant is change”. Through the years, we have made many needed changes. Blythe Wood Works has always been and will always be strategically directed towards higher quality and safer pet houses. We are very receptive to the pricing of dog and cat houses in the market place. WE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN COMPETITIVE, but it is impossible for us to be the lowest price and retain the quality standards that we will not compromise. Currently there are dog houses that are glued together by machines and there are hundreds of “pretty” dog and cat houses that are imported from China and there are even companies that simply pirate our ideas and designs and “try” to duplicate Blythe Wood Works dog and cat houses. China is responsible for candy that makes children sick. China manufactured the ingredients in dog and cat food that killed thousands of American dogs and cats in 2006-2008. Even though (because of ridiculous labor rates) the Chinese pet houses are cheap, careful consideration should be made before housing your beloved pet in a Chinese manufactured dog or cat house.

When it is all said and done, the purchase of a dog or cat house is simply an issue of VALUE to you the consumer. After all the words and hype, dollar for dollar, Blythe Wood Works designs and manufactures the highest quality, the safest and the most attractive dog and cat houses in the market place. If you have any questions as far as the value of our houses, please feel free to call us at 1-800-928-9951. Rest assured, there is not a question you can ask us concerning a cat or dog house that we can’t answer.

3. The Right House

A quality house for the right price may equate to great value, but it has to be the correct house for the size, breed and living characteristics for your pet. Just as important as the size or type of pet you have, the geographical area of the U.S. and the type of seasonal weather characteristics typical of your region, are factors that have to be analyzed.

Blythe Wood Works manufactures houses from small to very big and single houses to multiple dog and cat houses. The various sizes, configurations and options make it possible to customize your pet house to match any pet’s size and environmental needs instantly.

Looking through our website, you will see a vast array of cat and dog houses. If you need an air conditioned dog house, a heated dog house, or both, we’ve got you covered, and then some! From triplex cat houses to Goliath duplex dog houses, all of our products are customer induced. They are the design, configuration and size because our customers expressed to us their needs and ideas. Things like a treated base/foundation (that the wood floor sets on) that won’t rot with ground or concrete contact. Our offset door to protect the living area better, and our “flow away” roof design to keep the rain off to the side rather than over the doorway are just a few of the many things that are incorporated into our dog and cat houses. Thanks to our customers, we are “what” we are; thanks to God we are “who” we are.

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