Outdoor Dog Houses

Quality wood is what makes our outdoor dog houses better

We use select Western red cedar, cypress, spruce, and pressure treated Southern yellow pine lumber to make our wooden dog houses that will last outside for years. Our dog house siding and roof materials are built using domestic western red cedar or select cypress.

Western red cedar

Western red cedar is virtually impervious to the outdoor elements, and superior to white cedar in strength and durability. Because of its natural oils, it is resistant to damage from bugs, decay or water. It is an especially strong wood that doesn’t warp or sag easily. It resists the growth of both bacterial and fungi. Because of tiny air pockets in the wood, it stays naturally cool in hot weather.

Select cypress

We hand select our cypress, and mill it in-house to keep costs down and bring you the highest quality wood available. Select cypress is a beautiful light colored wood, without large defects or dramatic color variations.

One of its benefits is it contains an oil called cypressene, which provides a natural protective coating, among other things. It is insect repellent, including fleas, and is naturally fungi resistant. Because cypress grows in swampy areas, it doesn’t mind wet weather and is resistant to rot.

Pressure treated wood

The base or floor system is the foremost important panel section of any outdoor dog house or cat house. The upper structure can be constructed of the very best materials, assembled with the greatest skill, but if the floor foundation is not constructed with pressure treated wood, it will absolutely rot with ground contact. Termites always attack from the ground up and the floor is the first susceptible target. Under ordinary circumstances, lumber that has direct ground contact can begin to decay within a year, but properly pressure treated wood lasts twenty times longer. We also place tongue and groove wood on top of the treated floor joist.

Environmentally friendly

Our wooden dog houses are environmentally friendly because they are are made with a readily renewable resource; no old growth timber is utilized. As a result, they will reduce your carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance

Although these boards should last for years without further treatment, we recommend painting, staining, or sealing your wooden dog house in order to preserve its warranty. This will maintain your dog house for years!

Safe for pets

Some people have a misconception regarding the safety of pressure treated wood. It is perfectly safe for everyday use around your home, children and pets. Treated lumber is a non toxic product that only frustrates termites, fungus and decay. You can play barefoot on it, build garden beds out of it, lie out in the sun on it, or eat a picnic lunch on it. It is a truly green wood product.

Handmade in the USA

Just as important as the species of lumber we utilize, our wooden dog houses are all hand assembled with screws and nails. Each house panel has the handwritten signature of the craftsman who assembled it. No automatic machine is used to cut, assemble, stain or glue any of our pet houses. Blythe Wood Works still builds handmade dog houses the American way, with craftsmen that care. One house at a time.

If you look closely at our houses, you can see that we use a clear #1 grade siding in a narrow width pattern. Each piece of siding is double nailed on all houses up to Extra Large. Extra Large and up wooden dog houses are tripled nailed. Some manufacturers claim they “screw” their siding; they have to because they use a wider, lower grade siding that would curl if it wasn’t screwed.

Energy Efficient

We know, if you’re going all out on an air conditioning or heat, you’ll also want an insulated dog house. We include whole house insulation in every dog house we build to keep your utility bills in check.

Outside dog houses to fit any dog

We offer a variety of sizes and options for our outdoor dog houses.  Each one is made with top quality, hand-selected materials to ensure they’ll last for decades.

When shopping for outside dog houses on our website, you’ll find that our houses can accommodate even the biggest dog breeds around! We have houses that can comfortably house breeds like the Great Dane, Saint Bernard, and Mastiff. Our largest outside dog house can fit two large breed dogs, either together, or separated with a removable partition inside.

Use our sizing guide to find the perfect size dog house for your pet. If your dog isn’t full grown yet, you can use our dog house sizes by breed chart to estimate the correct size.

Customize your dog house

Once you’ve decided on the right size house for your dog, then the fun starts! Each product page contains all of the options available for that particular house. We build each and every outdoor dog house to order. When adding your options, just select the ones you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether you want to pamper your pooch, or just keep him safe and comfortable, you’ll find all of the options you’ll need to customize your dog house on our product pages. We have options that make your dog house more comfortable for your dog, like air conditioning, a heated pad or heater, and a shady front porch. We’ve also considered options to make you happy when designing our dog houses, like an optional clean-out door and a raised foundation that will ensure your dog house will last for decades to come.

Best of all, there are no shipping cost surprises at the end – shipping is FREE to anywhere in the contiguous United States! If you’re outside of that area, don’t worry, we’ll get your dog house to you with alternative shipping options.

A lasting investment for your dog

When you buy an outdoor dog house from Blythe Wood Works, we’re sure you’ll agree that you’ve made a lasting investment in the most comfortable, long lasting home your dog could have!

Choose one of our wooden dog houses below and customize it!

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