Insulated Dog Houses

All of our dog houses come with insulation included!

That's right - instead of an option, insulation now comes standard on all of our dog houses. Cat houses also have insulation included. We don't just insulate the roof either, the entire dog house is insulated, so you can be sure your furry friend stays cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.

Insulated Dog Houses are Energy Efficient

Our insulation is made in the USA and is a certified product. It is called LOW E reflective insulation. R-Value is the resistance to conductive heat flow. In dog houses, conduction is only 3 to 7 % of heat loss due to the small size of the cavity, but it does lose heat through infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation accounts for the biggest heat loss (during winter) and the largest heat gain (during summer) for dog houses. Rather than getting into a scientific, hard to understand dissertation, simply think of it like a thermos bottle. It keeps cold things cold and hot things hot with a shallow reflective aluminum barrier. That is precisely what Blythe Wood Works LOW E reflective insulation does for a dog house, or cat house.

LOW E is a Class A, Class I fire rated insulation made of pure reflective aluminum on both sides with a layer of closed cell polyethylene in the middle. It is non toxic and does not become brittle, crack, flake, or collapse with age.

A light weight mahogany plywood liner protects the inner cavity insulation from pet damage, ensuring long term durability.

The photo shows the components of a typical insulated dog house or cat house, 2 x 2 framing, a mahogany plywood liner, two ply foil LOW E insulation and clear A grade bevel siding.

Order your insulated dog house or cat house today!

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