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Goliath Duplex Dog House

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This dog house is the largest house in our product line with a whopping 24 sq. ft. floor space! With a peak height of 5 feet, along with the largest door opening available, the Goliath can accommodate the “Big and Tall” type dogs listed on our breeds page under Giant Dog Breeds and Godzilla Dog Breeds. This dog house consists of two compartments with a removable center partition and comes with vinyl flap doors installed.

The Goliath Duplex Dog House is the largest house in our product line with a whopping 24 sq. ft. floor space! With a peak height of 5 feet along with the largest door opening available (18 1/8″W x 26 1/8″H), the Goliath can accommodate the “Big and Tall” type dogs of 200 lb+. Each compartment is 36 wide x 48″ deep and of course the the center partition slides out for easy removal opening up a floor area of 72″ wide by 48″ deep. Thanks to our standard insulation, our DogAire™ air conditioning system can cool this huge house in minutes no matter how hot it is outside! To achieve superior energy efficiency with your air conditioned dog house, we highly recommend the upgrade to SealSafe™ doors.

This house consists of seven predrilled easy to assemble panels and comes with vinyl flap doors installed (unless upgraded with SealSafe™ Doors).

Finally, our Duplex houses have a roof line that causes the rain to fall to the side of the house, not at the door where your pet would track in mud and water!

Use our sizing guide to find the perfect size dog house for your pet.

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  1. Gabriel Tonkin

    I am a big fan of the Goliath. We have the sliding window model (shutters are decorative only, FYI) with clean out door, Porch/deck and raised foundation. We have two Cane Corsos, an 86 lb female and a 108 lb male. We probably could have bought a size or two smaller. I am 5’10” and can lay down in it without bending my legs. It can fit me, my wife, & both dogs. (but it’s cozy) The wood was high quality and the pre-assembled portions are sturdily constructed. It was beautiful when it arrived. Against the advice of the instructions, I assembled it without assistance over a weekend when the wife was out of town. Going solo took 6x longer to assemble than necessary, and I was at risk of bodily harm moving the platform up our hill (it’s big and heavy) and I do not recommend doing that regardless of how much it impresses your wife. The actual assembly is fairly simple, the instructions are in clear English and don’t require an engineering degree or a contractor’s license. If you can use a screwdriver & power drill, you can pull it off. Because I was in a hurry to assemble, I did the paint/staining after, which was a mistake. It would have been easier to stain before assembling. I used the Behr Redwood semi-transparent stain from Home Depot which looks good, but in hindsight I wished I had used the cedar semi-transparent. I think it would look a little better, and probably absorb less heat in our sunny inland CA climate. The Heater and AC units fit and work well, can be set to a general temp range reasonably easily without an master’s in electrical engineering. I am a big nerd and have a temp probe from my WiFi connected weather station (Ambient WS-5000) that talks to a set of smart plugs (using IFTTT) that connect the Heat & AC, so I can monitor & control the temp remotely. This is entirely unnecessary, but a lot of fun for me. It is under a deck in part shade/part sun. It hit 108F over Labor Day, the Goliath’s interior temp maxed out at 79F and averaged 76F, the AC really works. The AC unit came with remote, which is nice, but less helpful when you can’t read the temp setting on the unit from the outside. I have found that AC works better with the windows open a bit. We have a 4″ thick dog bed inside that covers 90% of the interior floor (closest size match I could get reasonably quickly) and some gym floor type foam padding under it cut to size. Thicker than that causes the door to catch. We are bad at keeping the dogs claws short, and the porch deck did start to scratch after a while so we put a mat of “fancy” fake grass on it, which I highly recommend. After 5+ months the dogs haven’t peed on “the grass” and seem to enjoy porch lounging more. The Seal Safe door is well designed, but an idiot crawling through it when painting who allows a leg to put too much downward force on it can pull it out of alignment, but it’s designed not to tear, so all you have to do is loosen the screws attaching it at the top, re-align, and tighten. It’s a smart design. One of our dogs chewed the cover of the soft heated pad, but pad itself was fine. I bought new cover from mfg website for $20+ S&H. They generally aren’t big chewers, but I maybe should have gone with hard heated pads. I expect the dog house to last at least 20+ years with only re-staining every 7 years. I will likely buy a cat house from Blythe for our semi-feral mousers we have.

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