Seal Safe Door

Seal Safe Door on a Dog House

dog using a seal safe doorAny dog or cat house is only as good as its door. No matter what siding, roofing, insulation or flooring materials are utilized, the doorway has to protect the inside of the house from the outside elements.

Our standard .080 vinyl heavy duty flap door comes with every house but due to varying climate conditions in different geographical areas of our nation, not to mention the growing number of Dog Aire air conditioned dog houses and heated dog houses sold, we offer an optional upgrade door system to seal the living compartment more effectively.

Blythe Wood Works has been designing and manufacturing dog houses for over 30 years. In the past we have sold different brands of "upgraded pet doors" but even though they were better than the standard vinyl flap system, some had shortfalls - they didn't seal efficiently, they had an unnecessary lock system, some had slots cut in the bottom frame that leaked when it rained and some simply cost too much.

After comparing all the different pet door manufacturers and extensively comparing warrantees, air infiltration factors, cold and warm air infusion, pet safety, and appearance, Freedom Pet Pass Door Company has designed for Blythe Wood Works an upgraded pet door specifically for our insulated dog houses (and cat houses!) that surpasses every other door in the market place, bar none!!! It is called Seal Safe, and it is priced better than any competitive door available anywhere.

The sealing system are magnets calibrated for the size of the door. There are no springs or pins that can break and no nylon pile weather stripping that can be chewed by your pet or worn down.

If  you live in an area where winters are excessively cold or windy and blowing rain/snow are a factor, or if you are purchasing an electric dog house heater and/or a DogAire air conditioner, the Seal Safe energy technology will significantly lower the amount of electricity used to heat or cool  your pet’s house.  This door will seal off the door opening better than any other brand of pet doors available.

The flap is a thermal plastic polyester scrim fabric with a poly carbonate clear window for light and a poly carbonate chew guard on the bottom. The warranty is one full year for product defects.

Best of all, when you upgrade to a Seal Safe door, your dog or cat house arrives with the door already installed, saving you the time and trouble of putting it in yourself. You can install this door yourself should you already have a Blythe Wood Works pet house.

Like all Blythe Wood Works dog and cat houses, Seal Safe doors are made in the USA.

Seal Safe Door on a Cat House

The Cool Cat Cottage has two doors - a lower level front door and an upper level escape door.  Both doors come standard with a .080 vinyl strip door installed.  Because of the a/c option and the possibility of multiple cat habitation, the seal safe door option is an energy saving accessory.  Cats are like kids…the only thing more fun than going in is going out!  Every time the door opens, cool or warm air escapes.

The Seal Safe Door is magnetized so not only does it seal better, it shuts quicker, saving long term energy dollars.

If you order Seal Safe Doors with your Cottage, we install them at no charge.  Due to their design, it is too complex  (too many pieces) for customer installation.

Like our pet houses, Seal Safe Doors are made in the USA.

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