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Goliath Dog House

(4 customer reviews)


This dog house is the largest house in our product line with a whopping 24 sq. ft. floor space! With a peak height of 5 feet, and the largest door opening available, the Goliath can accommodate the “Big and Tall,” 200+ lb dogs. The perfect house for a couple (or more) dogs that “get along.”

This dog house is the largest house in our product line – a whopping 24 sq. ft. floor space!. With a peak height of 5 feet along with the largest door opening available, the Goliath can accommodate the “Big and Tall” type of dogs. The compartment is 48″ deep and 72″ wide and with a single center door, the Goliath has a gracious wind free sleeping area on each end. The perfect house for a couple (or more) dogs that “get along.”

If you’re looking for an air conditioned dog house, our Dogaire™ air conditioning system can cool this huge house in minutes no matter how hot it is outside! If you live in a climate that experiences the extreme coldest winters, our electric dog house heater will maintain a warm and cozy temperature inside as well, giving you a heated dog house. To achieve superior energy efficiency with cooling or heating with these systems, we highly recommend the upgrade Seal Safe ™ door along with insulation.

This dog house consists of seven pre-drilled easy to assemble panels and comes with a heavy duty vinyl flap door installed.

Finally, the Goliath houses have a roof line that causes the rain to fall to the side of the house, not at the door where your dog would track in mud and water!

Use our sizing guide to find the perfect size dog house for your pet.

Door Opening: 18 1/8″w x 26 1/8″h

Because we care about energy efficiency, we only make insulated dog houses.

4 reviews for Goliath Dog House

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  1. Sara Weber

    We love our new Goliath Dog House. We put it together this weekend, I strongly recommend 2 people, this is not a one-person job. Customizations: A/C unit, Insulation, seal safe door, sliding windows (double), name plate, and the clean outdoor. They also through in equipping it for heating pads.

    We have 2 Great Dane puppies; they love their new house though we are still getting used to new things and that seal safe door. Included with the instructions were instructions/useful tips and training you dog with the seal safe door. Top notch!

    Our 2 pups will get bigger and the Goliath is just the right size to house them without taking up our entire back porch. The dimensions are spot on, but keep in mind adding the A/C adds about a foot to the back of it. Also the A/C comes with a remote, super helpful. When Blythe Wood Works say they have found the best products they really have, things I would have never thought I would need were already included.

    High grade materials and excellent craftsmanship! I loved the cedar smell and how you could tell that love went into building this house. If your if’y on the price it is worth is. Also, we went with the sliding windows and are really glad bc our girls tend to rough house with each other, so the house and the windows will definitely hold up.”

    – Sara W.

  2. Brittany

    100% would recommend. The quality and craftsmanship is just amazing. We have 2 Danes and purchased the Goliath with the AC and had it prepped for a heat pad. Online pictures do these houses no justice, we are absolutely in love with it- and the dogs love it too ? This is money well spent.

    We picked ours up when it was finished. Owners are really sweet, great people. You can tell that they love what they do and those are products worth buying.

    If we ever need anything else, we will be returning for another house.

  3. Selwyn days

    I really like the fact that this product is so large an durable for my pit bull an friends. Than k you so much for looking to acquire this in your he near future.

  4. Selwyn days


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