We build the best dog house - one at a time!

Our Dog Houses and Cat Shelters are Built By Hand

Not only are we craftsmen, but we are also all dog and cat owners ... with ears. We want to build the best dog house available, and refined our process along the way. We have listened to our customers and they have helped us develop the highest quality dog house in the world! We are extremely confident that you will be pleased with both the aesthetics and craftsmanship of our dog or cat house. Here's why you should buy your outdoor dog house or cat shelter from Blythe Wood Works:

We've been in business since 1990.

Since then, we have never had an unhappy customer and our customer service and support is second to none. We promise your dog house will look better when you receive it than it does in the pictures!!

When it comes to dog houses, you get what you pay for.

A house’s shipping weight reflects the amount of wood in the house. Blythe Wood Works' large dog house weighs 106 pounds. One of our competitor's large houses weighs 70 pounds. More weight, more wood, better house. If you look closely at our houses, you can see that we use a clear #1 grade siding in a narrow width pattern. Each piece of siding is double nailed on all houses up to Extra Large. The huge houses (Extra Large and bigger) are triple nailed. Some manufacturers claim they "screw" their siding; they have to because they use a wider, lower grade siding that would curl if it wasn't screwed.

We use only premium, hand select Western red cedar, select cypress and spruce lumber.

Western red cedar and select cypress are considered to be the most durable of woods. This is important because it does not rot away after several years, unlike white wood. Also, it does not require painting - it turns grey with age. To increase the life of your investment, it is highly recommended you coat the exterior with a wood protector or semi-transparent stain; available from any building supply or hardware store.

Pressure treated wood for long-lasting quality.

The foundation of our houses are constructed with 30 year ground contact pressure treated lumber which also helps to prevent rot and bug infestation on surfaces that touch the ground. Some of our competitor's houses have cedar touching the ground - it will rot within two years.

Framed for stability.

The frames of our houses are built of full-sized dimensional lumber with angle bracing for wind stability and to hold up to multi-dog use. Each panel is hand signed by the craftsman who assembled it. Some of our competitor's panels do not have full-sized framing. More wood and stronger bracing gives our houses much better structural integrity.

Thoughtfully designed roof.

Our roof panels are assembled with stainless steel, ring shank headed nails so that rain and sun do not "curl" the roof panels upward. Our roofs are designed so that rain runoff goes to the sides, away from the door entrance. Some of our competitor's roof panels are assembled with only finish nails and allow rain to pour into the door of the house.

Offset doors provide additional comfort.

Our doors are offset instead of centered, which provides a windbreak and a cooler spot out of the sun for your pet. A centered door on the front wall overexposes your dog to foul weather and direct sunlight.

Customize to suit your dog's needs!

All of our outdoor dog houses are insulated. We also have options available that make it possible to personally design a house that not only fits your dog or cat, but provides features that enhance the looks and provide the comfort that are essential to the consumer and his pet. We have many options for each house, including heating & air conditioning, insulation, porches, decks, windows, upgraded Seal Safe ™ doors, platform and lofts, nameplates, custom fitted pet mats and raised foundations.

Now that you know about all the quality and thoughtful details that go into a dog or cat house from Blythe Wood Works, we're sure you'll agree, we make the best dog house you can find!

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